Welcome to A Slip Shop. Ann and I are crafters by nature and we love to create beauty through design. We love colors, textures, and fabrics and often find inspiration there. Clothing has always been a medium which makes us happy. 

Our shop began over girl talk and an idea. I had a vintage black lace slip that my mom had given me when I was in high school. On several occasions I wore the slip low on my waist to lengthen a black aline dress that was a tad too short. Let's face it, some of the fashion today makes it difficult to dress modestly and in order to stay fresh and fashionable, we needed a solution. With a desire to remain fashionable and wear today's trends A Slip Shop evolved; slip and dress extenders came into fruition. We knew there was a need and other women would benefit from extender slips.

An idea was born, folks! When we opened our shop in 2010 we were the first hand-made slip extender sellers on etsy. We design, cut, sew, photograph & package each handmade item in our studio. Quality in fabric and trim is important to us. Great care and attention to detail go into every order. The process from start to finish is really enjoyable. We love the creative freedom and time with our families this job gives us.